Monday, 10 November 2008

lesson three and screen print

I took one of the patterns from the cut outs of lesson one, traced it to make a line drawing then cut two stencils. The first one was screen printed using multiple colours of ink. Not a good scan, (the background fabric is lime green).

This is the two stencils over printed

The image on the right is part of the print. It is starting to have possibilities.
I don't know whether this is what we were supposed to do with exercise three, but I have decided to move on to four.

Sunday, 9 November 2008


This is a scan of the handle of a weaving tool from Africa, I think. It is used to push the wefts into place on a tapestry. It is beautifully made and my favorite part is the lashing holding the pieces in place. I cloned it in photo editing software and made a whole sheet of it.
Exercise #4 didn't excite me at the moment so instead of remaining stuck in the mire of trying to do the uninteresting, I just moved on. Hope ya'll will excuse my lack of linearity.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Excercise 3

I've been sort of working on excercise 3. Mainly, I guess, I've been playing around, Jane Dunnewold style with these images that I've had around for quite awhile. Ihave posted pics of what I've got so far. I'm going to take a hiatus from posting for awhile for two reasons: 1. I'm feeling a need to stop with these images and just have a go at them until I'm "done", and 2. I'm a bit overwhelmed with other things I'm doing and that won't get any better until after holidays. I have a quilt I want to finish for my Etsy store before Christmas.

So, I will lurk and quite possibly post comments. I have found that there is such tremendous depth to these excercises that I have to take it real slow. I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of you come up with. Thanks, Diane

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Re: Jane Dunnewold

I have been e-mailing Jane over another issue. Would it be acceptable to mention this blog we are doing with her book? I wouldn't consider mentioning it without everyone's consent.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

somewhat better

And true to what our elders used to say -practice makes perfect. i took another shape traced it (second row right) and started playing sort of mindlessly. The drawings, if one can call them that, reminded me of jewelry drawings. And the outcome was somewhat better than the previous try. Goes without saying that the embellished shape is far much interesting than the plain outline shape

neki desu

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Excercise 2

I'm really a slowpoke -- I'm still playing around with stamps. I don't think I've made more than ten, but I have been enjoying turning everything I see into a stamp (at least in my mind)! I even took some interesting designs from my husband's new work boots. I will post pics later.

I decided not to do anything else to the box. It is varnished and looks good for its intended purpose. But I have set up my print table and today I intend to play with the same set of prints on some fabric.

I've also been reading a wonderful book, "Painted Paper" byAlisa Golden. I'm gong to use some of the techniques with my stamp designs and other ideas that I work out with this group work. A good way to play around with things I generate here.

I'll eventually get to excercise 3!!!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

exercise three

I am struggling with this one too. None of my original cutouts seem to give an interesting outline.


I read about the project on Lynda's blog and thought it was just what I needed! As if I needed any more projects BG. Thanks for accepting me Wendy. I will participate as much as I can and as time allows.
I already have the book and had been intending to do the exercises myself, but I'm sure I will do more belonging to a group like this.


i'm not having much luck with this exercise. Find the results visually boring. Changed the cut out i used from ex#1 and made something new. Still...

Got discouraged and stopped. Let's see if tomorrow i can improve. If not, time to move on.

neki desu

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Box -- Finished (?)

I finished the box over the weekend. It now has two layers of printing plus basecoat and glazing. And that's where I go no further! It is very difficult for me to do multiple layers to a surface. I do like simplicity of design, but I know that more layers doesn't necessarily mean it has to lose that quality. I will also post images of a paper example with another layer as well as a pic of the box with an acetate sheet with another layer.

Please let me know what you really think, because I'd like to go beyond where I am now -- or, if you really like it as is, that's good! Keeping in mind, I don't want the box to be too busy (and loud) for my nap room. But, if I were developing the design for another purpose, maybe more would definitely be better.

Or, maybe I'm just lazy! BTW, the circular design cam from a paper filter or some such thing that I found plastered to the asphalt of a parking lot. As far as my visual voice goes, I do know that I am very attracted to industrial type imagery, but used in a softer manner. I long ago let go of needing the natural world to be totally natural -- man made can be very interesting if redesigned by a woman, don't you think?

Exercise 3

I decided it was time for me to move on to the next exercise in the book. Exercises 1 & 2 were extremely useful and as a result, I have numerous new quilt designs in my sketchbook. I don't plan to abandon Exercises 1 & 2, but to keep adding to them as I go along. The goal of visual Exercise 3 is to alter flat, solid shapes into line drawings. I started with an 8" square of black paper and randomly cut it with my rotary cutter. I traced a 9 1/2" square onto white newsprint and expanded the square into this design. Then, as the instructions say, I traced it (using another piece of newsprint...easy to see through). As you can see in the tracing below, I used my bendable curve ruler to re-trace the lines. Then, to complete the goal of Exercise 3, I drew patterning within the lines. I plan to use this as a quilt block (or small quilt) and the patterning lines will be my machine quilting lines. Now, I'm stuck on whether to put designs together to make larger quilts or make smaller ones like below. I suppose I can do both.

The line drawing is a bit smeary as I drew it in pencil. Anyone know of a pencil that doesn't smear when you sketch? I even asked in the art store and no one had a clue. Now, I'm off to play with some fabric.

Re: Finyovislang Notebook

Having read in Jane's book about keeping a box, of imagery, I decided to start including pictures of things (designs, art) that I like in a section in my finyovislang notebook. So I played with that a bit last night and came up with some interesting visuals. I have some old art publications that work real well for this kind of excercise. There's something about looking at art from another era that allows you (or me at least) to see line, design, things other than the art piece as a whole as someone else has done. I still have my box of found pieces for inspiration as well.

Yesterday on my daily walk, I came across a treasure which I will post here. Could be cut into an interesting stamp, or, as it is rusty, I could lay it on cloth or paper and make a rust imprint.

Monday, 20 October 2008

stamping ahead

Spent the whole weekend carving, cutting and stamping. Filled half a drawing pad with patterns, but don't want to bog you down :). Being a weaver i tend to work with the classic repeats i.e. drop, half drop brick etc.
But i'm trying to break away and do a little experimentation. Here's a composite of the first 3 stamps alone and together with a bit of color. i'm trying to standardize the exercise by keeping it black and white and when using color using the same colors. Not very exciting, but as i see i'm still at a learning phase. The production phase will come later on.

neki desu

Friday, 17 October 2008

Excercise 2 -- Stamping

Today's work -- I stamped the big box and so far, I'm happy with the results. This was a found stamp -- rather large and not easy to print with, but interesting just the same. It is one of those poured pulp shipping things that came with some electronics. I have another found item -- circular -- that I am going to make a stamp out of and possibly over stamp with another sort of industrial stamp. I'll try to cut that stamp tonight after enlarging the image. I'll call the piece "Industrial 1". I like the soft colors and if I overstamp, I'll make the lt blue color a bit darker and then possibly over glaze.

Can you tell I'm getting fired up about these excercises? Speaking of which, do any of you have Jane's book, "Improv Screenprinting"? Care to comment. I can see that screen printing with our stamps will greatly improve ease of application, etc. Now for posting the pics!

Re: Getting Organized

Vivian -- closing closet doors does count! I forgot to mention, that I use 3-ring plastic page protectors in my notebooks. That way, anything can easily be added.

I sort of have my stamp making materials in one place, but with Vivian's reminder, I will do better with that today. I also like to move about with these supplies, and join my husband while I cut stamps. I just received Jane's book for our group work.. I read last night that she suggested a box for image selection. I have something like that together, but I will also organize that better today as well.

I am almost 62, and I have recently discovered that I have a myriad of learning disorders, etc. I think I'm somewhat ADD and have always had to struggle with organization. I am only recently learning to get better organized. I recently did a complete rearrangement of my studio and as a result, I was able to add another 4x8 table. If I make an effort to clean up after working, I have quite ample room for working. I do lack shelving, and there is simply not the room for more of that. So it is a problem for me to put things away. I do have plastic storage drawers -- I like storage that is see through. Now that is an area where I could do better. Ummmmmmm . . . . . .

Well, enough of thinking about things -- time to do something. Hopefully I'll have some stamp designs to post soon.

Happy creating, everyone!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Getting Organized

Before launching a full scale stamp making session for myself, I decided to get better organized. Over the past few years I have discovered that plain white, plastic covered 3-ring notebooks are the best way for me to stay organized for a multitude of projects. I put an example of the subfect matter for each particular notebook in the spine and front cover of each notebook.

So, I've got my Finyonlang notebook all set for Excercise 1 and am now ready for Excercise 2. I have several images in mind, including some"found" designs, and some special stamp projects in mind.

Yesterday I base coated a large box that serves as a bedside table in my little bedrm off of my studio (a great nap taking hideaway!) I plan to do a tone on tone stamp pattern to give the plain box some more interest without making it too busy for a small room.

I also got some ideas for cutting triangles (which I hadn't done in excercise 1). So I will get started with that and try some more stamps -- after a good nap!

BTW, I am very appreciative of everyone posting on this blog -- it helps to stay focused and committed to following through the book project.

And, Wendy, I'm having the same problem with picture placement. hope that's something I work out soon.

Thanks, Everyone!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

rubber eraser stamps

I carved these 21 stamps from erasers. (Blue block) I made some more using foam mounted onto mount board but made such a mess when I tried to print with them, I won't show you those - I will have to find some thicker foam.

I had a play overlapping some of the stamps, the white background is a bit stark, but I can see possibilities. I used chalk stamps on paper, it will be interesting to see how these work using textile paint on fabric.
Now if I could only get blogger to accept where I want the pics to go I will be happy!!

of stamps and stamping

i'm carving erasers like a maniac. Have also tried cutting a sponge mat i have, but i don't like the way the stamp behaves when covered with paint nor the resulting print. Perhaps the sponge should be denser. Will look into that. i also located rubber by the meter and i'm also trying that. But it's a royal PITA.
Being more effective at the computer than with carving tools this is some of the work i've done so far.

  • Image 1 original cut out ex#1
  • Image 2 area selected for pattern
  • Image 3 pattern made square
  • Image 4 defined pattern flood fill- not good
  • Image 5 seamless pattern same image but made seamless. Note stray pixels on the left hand side and cleaned image on the right.
  • Image 6 Seamless pattern flood fill, gradient background. Image rotated 90ºleft.
Not sure if this is considered cheating or not.

neki desu

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


i can keep on this exercise forever. But i guess it's time to move on.

What i've learned with this exercise:
  • to train the eye to read negative spaces
  • how positive spaces depend on spacing
  • how spacing affects the quality of a line
This is the last one as i've already started carving erasers. With a trembling hand.

neki desu

Sunday, 12 October 2008


i'm having a ball. But deliberately trying to escape the soccer ball look.
The big ones i find somewhat visually boring. It was not until the exercise kicked in that i started getting more interesting things. Like the widely spaced circles. :)
i'd appreciate some feedback as this is getting to be sort of a private practice.

neki desu

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Squares and Getting Sidetracked

Here's exercise#1 worked with squares. The eye is definitely getting trained. However the mind strays and doubts if the work is yet one more visual clichè. Not that i'm dying to be original. But the purpose is finding personal expression.
Circles are making their way next.

Got carried away as i was having fun and sidetracked into this.

neki desu

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Excercise 2 -- Stamp Pattern, Stamp, and Plastic Thingy

Forgot to post the picture. I think doing the stamp excercise is going to be interesting. I'm already seeing pattern possibilities to everything I look at. Cutting the stamps is another matter . . . . .

Excercise 2 -- Stamp Making

Thirty days of making stamps will either improve my ability greatly, or result in severely cut up hands and fingers. At least I'm working with a color now, if only brown!

This design was copied from a little plastic thingy that holds the legs together on rotisserie chickens. I have collected a pile of them -- finally found a use for the design at least. Even though a simple repeat, it is more pleasing to me than the black and white grid designs.

Really hope to get comments (critiques). I'm finding that having others to work with makes the doing of all this interesting. Getting (and giving) some strengthening critiques could add a whole lot more to making use of this book. TIA

Excercise 1 -- More Repeat Patterns

My favorite is the one to the far left. The immediate left reminds me of dollar signs -- the effects of the economy coming through I suppose. Anyway, time to move on -- try mixing it up a bit more!

Excercise 1-- Repeat Patterns

Here are some designs created using multiple squares. I like the circular shape created with this one. Perhaps some possibilites here.
To the far left, an increasingly complex design -- but not my style!

Excercise 1 -- Leaf

One leaf altered. I shall have to try more.

Excercise 1--Circles

These were harder than the squares to get any variety of design. I see that some of you did not follow directions, and rather than maintain the original shape, allowed the design to take on a new shape. I think I like that a lot better. The organic nature of allowing a shape to find its own new shape seems to result in a better design. Any comments on that?

So here are my circles:

Excercise 1--The Last of the Squares

And some arrangements. I can see I've got to figure out how to post the images smaller. Hope I'm not popping anyone's eyes out with the very large black and white images!
The last little image to the left, is a cropped version of the image to the far left. I can see that one can keep going and going with these graphics, but doing so is not getting anymore pleasing to me.

Excercise 1--More Squares

It will take me awhile to get the hang of using a blog for posting, so please bear with my first attempts. Here are more of my squares:
I've finally introduced a curve, but still very rigid.