Monday, 20 October 2008

stamping ahead

Spent the whole weekend carving, cutting and stamping. Filled half a drawing pad with patterns, but don't want to bog you down :). Being a weaver i tend to work with the classic repeats i.e. drop, half drop brick etc.
But i'm trying to break away and do a little experimentation. Here's a composite of the first 3 stamps alone and together with a bit of color. i'm trying to standardize the exercise by keeping it black and white and when using color using the same colors. Not very exciting, but as i see i'm still at a learning phase. The production phase will come later on.

neki desu


Elizabeth said...

Wow! Very dynamic! I like what you've done.

neki desu said...

thanks Elisabeth!

neki desu

Vivian said...

Nice designs! It's great that you are getting so many stamp carvings done.