Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Box -- Finished (?)

I finished the box over the weekend. It now has two layers of printing plus basecoat and glazing. And that's where I go no further! It is very difficult for me to do multiple layers to a surface. I do like simplicity of design, but I know that more layers doesn't necessarily mean it has to lose that quality. I will also post images of a paper example with another layer as well as a pic of the box with an acetate sheet with another layer.

Please let me know what you really think, because I'd like to go beyond where I am now -- or, if you really like it as is, that's good! Keeping in mind, I don't want the box to be too busy (and loud) for my nap room. But, if I were developing the design for another purpose, maybe more would definitely be better.

Or, maybe I'm just lazy! BTW, the circular design cam from a paper filter or some such thing that I found plastered to the asphalt of a parking lot. As far as my visual voice goes, I do know that I am very attracted to industrial type imagery, but used in a softer manner. I long ago let go of needing the natural world to be totally natural -- man made can be very interesting if redesigned by a woman, don't you think?


neki desu said...

i like the box as it is now. perhaps you could overstamp using the same flowery motif slightly off with metallic or interference paint. i think it would add depth.

neki desu

:Diane said...

Diane Elizabeth,
I think Neki has an interesting idea about a second stamping that would not make it more busy.

I was thinking before I read her comment that I would like it if there was a shadow on each gear edge in a rusty color. You have a complementary color scheme going now but it seems a bit too pastel or bland in the photos. We can't see the rest of your room so I'm not sure if it "blends" in the way you want it to.
Anyway, overstamping would be easier than painting a shadow on each gear tooth!
But maybe you can carve another stamp that has the outline only of the gear - or maybe only half the outline and you stamp it so the shadow is always to the left of the original.

Diane Elizabeth said...

OK, great ideas -- I will check that out today. I think it does need just a little bit more to be finished. Thanks so much!

Vivian said...

Finding the "stamp" was serendipity. It looks like it was perfect for what you had in mind for the box. I don't know what the rest of your room looks like, but I see a "cottage-like" theme to the box. I think it may be the pastels. Since you are using it as a part of your decor, I would say the best judgement would be "do YOU like it?" If something about it still doesn't feel quite right, try a bit of overstamping. I sometimes place a piece of clear acetate over a design and paint on top of it where I want to add additional designs. That way, you can see the design underneath and what it will look like with the new addition without actually adding paint to the original.

Purple Missus said...

Wow, you've all been so prolific since I went 'missing'.
Its great to look at all the wonderful work that everyone else is producing - makes my fingers itch to carry on.
I'm still on Exercise 2 with the stamp making - but there's no time limit is there?

Purple Missus said...

Love Dianes idea about a rusty colour shadow on this box - would look amazing and really lift it from a very good piece into something really special.