Sunday, 12 October 2008


i'm having a ball. But deliberately trying to escape the soccer ball look.
The big ones i find somewhat visually boring. It was not until the exercise kicked in that i started getting more interesting things. Like the widely spaced circles. :)
i'd appreciate some feedback as this is getting to be sort of a private practice.

neki desu


:Diane said...

Not only the soccer ball but the peace sign crept into your designs. :o)

The simple one in the lower middle (with the white cross) has great dimensional qualities. I think you could work that spacing and cutting angles to make it even more 3-D.

:Diane said...

Here's an interesting pattern study...

Looks like the piece was made and then cut up and rearranged.

Vivian said...

These are very interesting. I haven't tried circles, yet. I am still intrigued with the squares. I need to try other shapes, though.

Elizabeth said...

The circles with spaces definitely have dimension and added interest.

neki desu said...

thanks for the link, found it very interesting.
Thanks for the encouragement gals!

neki desu