Wednesday, 15 October 2008

of stamps and stamping

i'm carving erasers like a maniac. Have also tried cutting a sponge mat i have, but i don't like the way the stamp behaves when covered with paint nor the resulting print. Perhaps the sponge should be denser. Will look into that. i also located rubber by the meter and i'm also trying that. But it's a royal PITA.
Being more effective at the computer than with carving tools this is some of the work i've done so far.

  • Image 1 original cut out ex#1
  • Image 2 area selected for pattern
  • Image 3 pattern made square
  • Image 4 defined pattern flood fill- not good
  • Image 5 seamless pattern same image but made seamless. Note stray pixels on the left hand side and cleaned image on the right.
  • Image 6 Seamless pattern flood fill, gradient background. Image rotated 90Âșleft.
Not sure if this is considered cheating or not.

neki desu


:Diane said...

Regarding your question about cheating... see comments here:


Wendy Coyne said...

I also find it easier to play around on the pc, but I have carved some stamps from erasers and cut some funky foam and mounted it on card. The rubber stamps are more work to carve but loads easier to use. Does anyone know what the pink slabs of easy carve stuff is called?

Elizabeth said...

I think whatever techniques you use to come up with your own designs is perfectly OK. And I like that you isolated a portion of your original design and created a secondary design wih it.