Friday, 17 October 2008

Excercise 2 -- Stamping

Today's work -- I stamped the big box and so far, I'm happy with the results. This was a found stamp -- rather large and not easy to print with, but interesting just the same. It is one of those poured pulp shipping things that came with some electronics. I have another found item -- circular -- that I am going to make a stamp out of and possibly over stamp with another sort of industrial stamp. I'll try to cut that stamp tonight after enlarging the image. I'll call the piece "Industrial 1". I like the soft colors and if I overstamp, I'll make the lt blue color a bit darker and then possibly over glaze.

Can you tell I'm getting fired up about these excercises? Speaking of which, do any of you have Jane's book, "Improv Screenprinting"? Care to comment. I can see that screen printing with our stamps will greatly improve ease of application, etc. Now for posting the pics!


:Diane said...

You have a nice base ready for more layering. I am anxious to see what you do next on the box.
I don't have the screen printing book. Yet.:o)

neki desu said...

what i think works very well is the industrial stamp you used with those sort of decontextualize it and gives another have many possibilities there.
re book: i have Claire Ben's one and i find it takes the pressure out of screenprinting.

neki desu

Diane Elizabeth said...

Re: Screemprinting book -- that will have to be my next purchase!

Thanks for the comments. See my subsequent work and please comment again. It is soooooooo dificult for me to add more and more to a design.

Yes, the industrial design with the colors is the part of this I am confident about. Taking it further ------ lost as last year's Easter egg!