Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Excercise 1--The Last of the Squares

And some arrangements. I can see I've got to figure out how to post the images smaller. Hope I'm not popping anyone's eyes out with the very large black and white images!
The last little image to the left, is a cropped version of the image to the far left. I can see that one can keep going and going with these graphics, but doing so is not getting anymore pleasing to me.


:Diane said...

Could you put "labels" on your posts so if someone wanted to look at all the posts for Exercise 2, for example, they could click on that Topic and see all of them for everyone? It's kind of interesting to see how different our approach is to the same set of directions.
If you can't find the place, someone could probably do it for you, I think. It's a little dropdown box just below where you type your entry.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for pointing that out. And please, if I'm screwing something up with blog posting, let me know, because that's the other thing I'm learning by doing these excercises.