Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Re: Finyovislang Notebook

Having read in Jane's book about keeping a box, of imagery, I decided to start including pictures of things (designs, art) that I like in a section in my finyovislang notebook. So I played with that a bit last night and came up with some interesting visuals. I have some old art publications that work real well for this kind of excercise. There's something about looking at art from another era that allows you (or me at least) to see line, design, things other than the art piece as a whole as someone else has done. I still have my box of found pieces for inspiration as well.

Yesterday on my daily walk, I came across a treasure which I will post here. Could be cut into an interesting stamp, or, as it is rusty, I could lay it on cloth or paper and make a rust imprint.

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