Thursday, 9 October 2008

Squares and Getting Sidetracked

Here's exercise#1 worked with squares. The eye is definitely getting trained. However the mind strays and doubts if the work is yet one more visual clichè. Not that i'm dying to be original. But the purpose is finding personal expression.
Circles are making their way next.

Got carried away as i was having fun and sidetracked into this.

neki desu


:Diane said...

The variations of the square with a quarter circle cut out are really intriquing. I hope you combine them either digitally or with stamping. I can imagine great potential there.

Elizabeth said...

Your positive/negative space cut out is very interesting -- I could see some possibilities with the upper right hand corner as a square stamp.

neki desu said...

OH! Thank you Diane and Elisabeth!
i just posted that i was feeling somewhat lonely here.

neki desu

Wendy Coyne said...

The positive/negative piece is definately cheating (not in the instructions) but wonderful so you are excused :)