Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I’m not going to say I’ve finished exercise 1 because I don’t think I have. I really did find this exercise absorbing but I don’t think I have come up with anything exciting so would like to keep going until I do – maybe even trying another shape.
And yes, some of them do look a bit mucky. I ran out of Spray Mount and had to use Pritt stick – get into more mess than the children ever did with that stuff :)
I seem to have been a bit obsessed with variations on this one.In the top one here I tore the card instead of cutting – but I did have to leave a couple of the smaller bits out to make it all fit in and of course, that goes against what the exercise said to do.On this page I decided to draw a square, cut shapes and fit them in. This is not quite as easy as it sounds. Maybe I should have cut the black card square a lot smaller than the drawn square.I scanned three of the designs in then played around in PSP and used the displacement filter.I quite like the last one which looks a bit ‘fluffy’.
As I said, I still want to do some more with this one but I have got all my bits ready for exercise 2. Haven’t got any erasers and thought rather than go and buy some I would use up some of the materials I already have including some foam which I shall glue into layers before cutting and a piece of lino.Also want to try and make some stamps with this. Saw it on the Traci Bautista DVD. Its a bit squishy though so probably won’t get a sharp outline. Anyone else used one of these before?Going to try and carve six stamps a week in one sitting rather than one a day for 30 days. Will see how I get on.
Am also going to work through the exercises in order rather than dart about – will maybe get more out of them that way.

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Sandy said...

What a good obsession.