Thursday, 16 October 2008

Getting Organized

Before launching a full scale stamp making session for myself, I decided to get better organized. Over the past few years I have discovered that plain white, plastic covered 3-ring notebooks are the best way for me to stay organized for a multitude of projects. I put an example of the subfect matter for each particular notebook in the spine and front cover of each notebook.

So, I've got my Finyonlang notebook all set for Excercise 1 and am now ready for Excercise 2. I have several images in mind, including some"found" designs, and some special stamp projects in mind.

Yesterday I base coated a large box that serves as a bedside table in my little bedrm off of my studio (a great nap taking hideaway!) I plan to do a tone on tone stamp pattern to give the plain box some more interest without making it too busy for a small room.

I also got some ideas for cutting triangles (which I hadn't done in excercise 1). So I will get started with that and try some more stamps -- after a good nap!

BTW, I am very appreciative of everyone posting on this blog -- it helps to stay focused and committed to following through the book project.

And, Wendy, I'm having the same problem with picture placement. hope that's something I work out soon.

Thanks, Everyone!

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Vivian said...

I was just thinking that my sketchbook is going to run out soon. Being able to add paper to a three ring binder is a great idea. Organized? Does it count if I can close the cabinet doors in my studio? (After I shove the stuff back inside, of course). But I do have all my stamp carving supplies in a large white, cloth lined basket that sits on a shelf. That way, I can pick it up and take it to the kitchen if I want to be with the family and carve stamps. Hmmm...maybe I need to clean out those cabinets and see what mysteries are in there.