Wednesday, 15 October 2008

rubber eraser stamps

I carved these 21 stamps from erasers. (Blue block) I made some more using foam mounted onto mount board but made such a mess when I tried to print with them, I won't show you those - I will have to find some thicker foam.

I had a play overlapping some of the stamps, the white background is a bit stark, but I can see possibilities. I used chalk stamps on paper, it will be interesting to see how these work using textile paint on fabric.
Now if I could only get blogger to accept where I want the pics to go I will be happy!!


:Diane said...

They have a lot of affinity for one another. I like the overlapping play. Quite a few of them have similar spaces and similar widths.
I would like to see something in greens and blues using the two at the top of the sample sheet, please. Maybe in stripes facing with one of the smaller ones in the open curvey spaces between the stripes. Can you do that? Maybe about five yards of a lovely silk....

neki desu said...

i find the bottom one very organic. And i second Diane, they have affinity for one another.

re photos and blogger: have you tried the composed mode?
highlight the photo and click on one of the text formats et voilĂ . you may have to drag it to where you want it placed as blogger always places them at the top.
There's another way by writing the html code but since i'm not very good at it i can't explain it well. sorry

neki desu

Elizabeth said...

Very ambitious stamp making! I especially like the free form play and the color variation used. I agree, the stamps do work well together. Good point that they have similar spacing.

What do you mean by chalk stamping? What are you using for your stamps?

Wendy Coyne said...

Fluid chalk stamp pads are made by colorbox and aimed at card makers. They come in little eye shaped pads and there are loads of colours in the range. I will use textile paint on my fabric samples but on paper these are quick and easy.

Vivian said...

These are great! I like the colors. I think I need to dig out my other colors, too. I am stuck on the black or brown ink.
I just click on the photo and drag it to where I want it.