Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Excercise 2

I'm really a slowpoke -- I'm still playing around with stamps. I don't think I've made more than ten, but I have been enjoying turning everything I see into a stamp (at least in my mind)! I even took some interesting designs from my husband's new work boots. I will post pics later.

I decided not to do anything else to the box. It is varnished and looks good for its intended purpose. But I have set up my print table and today I intend to play with the same set of prints on some fabric.

I've also been reading a wonderful book, "Painted Paper" byAlisa Golden. I'm gong to use some of the techniques with my stamp designs and other ideas that I work out with this group work. A good way to play around with things I generate here.

I'll eventually get to excercise 3!!!

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