Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Excercise 2 -- Stamp Making

Thirty days of making stamps will either improve my ability greatly, or result in severely cut up hands and fingers. At least I'm working with a color now, if only brown!

This design was copied from a little plastic thingy that holds the legs together on rotisserie chickens. I have collected a pile of them -- finally found a use for the design at least. Even though a simple repeat, it is more pleasing to me than the black and white grid designs.

Really hope to get comments (critiques). I'm finding that having others to work with makes the doing of all this interesting. Getting (and giving) some strengthening critiques could add a whole lot more to making use of this book. TIA


:Diane said...

Absolutely agree, feedback is the reason we are working together. Give and take. Just give us a minute - you've posted a lot for everyone to take in!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry -- this is my first time blogging -- I got carried away!

:Diane said...

Just goes to show you are having fun and letting the process lead you astray.