Friday, 17 October 2008

Re: Getting Organized

Vivian -- closing closet doors does count! I forgot to mention, that I use 3-ring plastic page protectors in my notebooks. That way, anything can easily be added.

I sort of have my stamp making materials in one place, but with Vivian's reminder, I will do better with that today. I also like to move about with these supplies, and join my husband while I cut stamps. I just received Jane's book for our group work.. I read last night that she suggested a box for image selection. I have something like that together, but I will also organize that better today as well.

I am almost 62, and I have recently discovered that I have a myriad of learning disorders, etc. I think I'm somewhat ADD and have always had to struggle with organization. I am only recently learning to get better organized. I recently did a complete rearrangement of my studio and as a result, I was able to add another 4x8 table. If I make an effort to clean up after working, I have quite ample room for working. I do lack shelving, and there is simply not the room for more of that. So it is a problem for me to put things away. I do have plastic storage drawers -- I like storage that is see through. Now that is an area where I could do better. Ummmmmmm . . . . . .

Well, enough of thinking about things -- time to do something. Hopefully I'll have some stamp designs to post soon.

Happy creating, everyone!

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