Monday, 10 November 2008

lesson three and screen print

I took one of the patterns from the cut outs of lesson one, traced it to make a line drawing then cut two stencils. The first one was screen printed using multiple colours of ink. Not a good scan, (the background fabric is lime green).

This is the two stencils over printed

The image on the right is part of the print. It is starting to have possibilities.
I don't know whether this is what we were supposed to do with exercise three, but I have decided to move on to four.


Vivian said...

Wendy, I like the new piece and I can see lots of possibilities with this design.

dot said...

The multi coloured print is lovely a the new shapes created by the overprinting have further potential. I think we can take each exersise as far as we want to with no right or wrong, some will be more inspiring than others and I guess it's important to run with that.

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your work so far but am dissappointed that nothing has been posted in a while. I would really love to see where you are all up to now. Jill