Friday, 6 February 2009

Exercise 4 Mark Making

I finally got back to the book yesterday. Visual Exercise 4 has you trying lots of tools to draw. This is a play lesson. The goal is to forget about composition and just explore the possibilities of using marks in quantity. I do like that it encourages you to use tools you have and also tools you didn't think of using. I don't think the pictures loaded in order, but I don't really think that matters. I used an old credit card, brush, stencil brush, calligraphy marker, calligraphy pens with different nibs, the edge of spiral bound notebook paper after it is torn, a Zig pen, a Fantastix tool and a soda pop cap. The one I didn't like too much was the Fantastix tool using Tsukineko ink. I think I like the real calligraphy pen and India ink the best. But the credit card was fun. I did try to be careful, but ink is ink and it is messy. And it's always good to use the credit card for painting instead of spending.

OK, who's next to try this and post? It's really fun and sort of like doodling. I drew 4" squares in my sketch book and filled them in with the techniques instead of using an entire page.


neki desu said...

these are great. i declare all the black ones my faves!
i've gathered all the materials and will be mark making today and tomorrow.thanks for the tug :9

neki desu

:Diane said...

Good idea to limit the big white space syndrome! I like what you did and the credit card smearing is one of my favorties.

Vivian said...

Thanks! This was a really fun exercise. I have been way too busy with quilts for shows but hope to get back to the book soon.