Saturday, 14 February 2009

Ex-4 patterns

patterns created by selecting an area of this exercise

i could spendthe rest of my life playing with this and the results would be satisfactory no matter what. But i want to move on to the next exercise.

neki desu


Diane Elizabeth said...

Hi Neki -- So glad to see you on the blog again. I have been dipping into Jane's book again as well. Right now I have a terrible flu -- when that's done, I'll see where I am at with the book.

Meanwhile -- good work! Diane

Vivian said...

Neki, aren't these fun? I loved playing with the ink! Diane, hope you are better soon.

:Diane said...

AAaaakkk, what rotten luck we Diane's have! I've taken a couple of days off from work for a nasty headachy cold. I'm better now (hope you are, too, Diane E) and have spent a lot of time this weekend upstairs doodling around with fabric, paint, soy wax and stuff. Not much yet to show for it.