Monday, 29 September 2008

Exercise 1: Find blank sheets of white paper(as suggested in the book) far too scary so painted pages first.
Used a circle and then a paisley shape. Really enjoyed doing the exercise, it confirmed what I already knew... I much prefer curved lines rather that straight, finding the shapes that were dissected with curved lines far more pleasing than the straight.
Have cut stamps, not thirty I hasten to add, using the shapes i liked most so aim to print a little with them today.


Juan Carlos said...

found you through Purple Missus.
would love to join the group.

neki desu

:Diane said...

Many of your paisleys have morphed into wings with the spacing. :o)

Wendy Coyne said...

I love the paisley shape, agree with you that the curves look great. I wonder if curves go with the curved shape, maybe straight lines would work better with a square?